Point sheet

Every meeting and AMSA UH event a member attends will earn them points. At the end of the semester, the top 3 members with the most points earn a shadowing position within the Medical Center, and may be given preference for an officer position.

Make sure to scroll down for the point sheet!

Here’s our point system below: 

Events points
General Meeting 50
Volunteering Events
On campus 25 pts/hr
Off campus 100
Carpool 25
Professional Development
On campus 50
Off campus 100
On campus 50
Off campus 100
Bake Sales 25 pts/ hr (max-125)
donated items 25 pts/item
hashtags / tagging AMSAHOUSTON 5 (cap at 15 tags)

Members point sheet

Find your PSID for ranking and details thereof…

(Points TBA)